Oct 5 2009

Windows Marketplace for Mobile now Live!

The Windows Marketplace for Mobile is now Live. If you fire up your 6.5 Emulator and click on the Marketplace icon you'll be able to log in look around.  Right now only a few applications are available.  Edward from MSMobiles.com has uploaded a video to youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6Py1ZYyy1s) and written a review on it (http://msmobiles.com/news.php/8641.html ). Windows Mobile 6.5 devices will start to roll out into the hands of consumers in another 2 days though both newly released devices and ROM updates for existing devices.  Most Windows Mobile devices will have the Marketplace preinstalled (though a few months ago it was reported that Verizon Wireless has decided that the Marketplace would not be included on their devices).


Oct 2 2009

Windows Mobile 7 Supports Vector Graphics

Category: Mobile | Windows | Windows CEJoel Ivory Johnson @ 20:38

Windows Mobile 7 has support for vector graphics.  That will address a lot of the concerns that many developers had about targetting multiple resolutions and creating graphical resources for each one. Where did I hear this? At the Windows Mobile Developer camp in Mountain View, California, USA. The event is still going on now, but when the videos are posted I will post a link to them.


Sep 21 2009

32-bit Windows Version History

Category: WindowsJoel Ivory Johnson @ 10:04

I was looking through the release dates of Microsoft's 32-bit and 64-bit desktop operating systems a little earlier.  It's hard to believe but we've been running 32-bit operating systems since 1993.  At the time of this post that's a full 16 years!


Product Name Version Number Release Date
Windows NT 3.1 3.1 July 1993
Windows NT 3.5 3.5 September 1994
Windows NT 3.51 3.51 May 1995
Windows NT 4.0 4.0 July 1996
Windows 2000 5.0 December 1999
Windows XP 5.1 August 2001
Windows Server 2003 5.2 March 2003
Windows Vista 6.0 (Build 6000) January 2007
Windows Server 2008 6.0 (Build 6001) March 2008
Windows 7 6.1 (7600) October 2009


Aug 9 2009

Resources for Getting Started with Windows Mobile Development

If you are just getting started with Windows Mobile development then you will want to check out a page that Mike Francis has posted on his site.  It gives a a rather complete list of software you'll need/want, community resource, example code, guidance documents and other resources to get you started.  Check it out at http://blog.mjfnet.com/blog/FormatPage.aspx?path=content/projects/resources/resources.format.html


Aug 7 2009

FAQ on Windows Mobile Marketplace Icons

In reply to developer questions the Windows Mobile Phone team posted a FAQ on including icons in your Windows Mobile Marketplace submissions.  You can read the FAQ and some related post through the following links.

Using Custom Icons in WM 6.5
Creating Custom Icons in WM 6.5


Aug 5 2009

Marketplace Application Security

Wondering what type of security that the Marketplace for Windows Mobile Phone will have? Well stay tuned.  According to Inigo Lopez of Microsoft the details are coming in the next couple of weeks.

We understand the risks and concerns that you mention regarding piracy. We are at this time finalizing the plan and we will be communicating details in the next couple of weeks. We will provide details on the different options that developers will have in order to protect (or not) their software. Some of the options may be delivered shortly after launch.

We understand your concerns regarding submitting an app before these details are announced. I will make sure to post on this forum a new thread with the details as soon as they are ready.




Aug 2 2009

JavaFX available for Windows Mobile

Category: Windows Mobile | Java | WindowsJoel Ivory Johnson @ 20:08

Java and Windows Mobile have long been technologies that have been mutually exclusive.  Other than the midlet manager available on some Windows phones. Sun just released JavaFX and it is available for Windows Mobile. You can download it here: http://blogs.sun.com/javafx/entry/want_to_try_javafx_on


Jul 22 2009

Windows RTM Day

Category: WindowsJoel Ivory Johnson @ 16:23

Microsoft has give RTM status to the code for  a couple of products and made it known on their blogs. Windows 7 has been RTM'd and Windows 2008 R2 has been RTM. A natural question that follows is "When can I get it?"  Here are the relevant dates:

  • Two days after official RTM: OEMs
  • August 6: Downloadable for ISVs, IHV's, TechNet subscribers, MSDN subscribers
  • August 7: Downloadable for Volume Licence with Software Assurance (English only)
  • August 16: Downloadable for Partner Program Gold / Certified members (English-only)
  • August 23: Downloadable for Action Pack subscribers (English Only)
  • September 1: Purchasing for Volume License without Software Assurance (no mention of specific language availability)
  • By October 1: Downloadable for Partner Program Gold / Certified members, Action Pack subscribers, TechNet subscribers, MSDN subscribers (remaining languages)
  • October 22: Purchasing at retail locations


Jul 18 2009

Identifying your Direct3D Driver

I had the need to identify the driver being used in a set of Windows Mobile devices a little earlier and have a very simple program for doing so.   I grabbed some code that Mark Prentice had written to do so. Getting the string that identifies the driver is a couple of lines of code.

AdapterListCollection al = Manager.Adapters;
string driver = al.Default.Information.DriverName.ToString();

If you run this code the one thing you want to watch out for is a driver named "d3dmref.dll".  If you have this driver then that means you OEM didn't create/license a driver for your device and the graphics will render in seconds per frame.



Jun 8 2009

HTC Interview Ask Some Hard Questions

Category: Windows Mobile | WindowsJoel Ivory Johnson @ 09:21

I found out by way of PocketNow about an HTC interview that asked about some pretty tough questions.  The questions aren't necessarily satisfying (and in some cases they don't address the actual questions) but an interesting interview all the same.


Jun 7 2009

The Best and Worst Windows Phones Ever

Category: Windows Mobile | WindowsJoel Ivory Johnson @ 22:12

This week I was able to get my hands on two Windows Phones. It didn't take long to figure out that I had gotten my hands on the best and worst Windows phones ever.  On the best side is the Samsung Omnia.  What can I say, it's a Windows Phone done right.  The hardware is excelent (but that's pretty much most Samsung hardware that I've used) and the software just fits the phone ever so well. The interface is slick, the customizations are well done, and best of all Samsung provides programmatic access to a lot of their hardware.  I don't want to say the name of the worst phone, but I'll describe it.  Like the Omnia it has an accelerometer but the time it takes for the phone to recognize it was rotated is awful.  At times I could rotate the phone and walk through two other rooms before it reacted to the screen being rotated.  This phone also has no directional input at all (the Omnia by contrast has a pad that acts as bot a 5-way input and a mouse pad). The battery life in this worst phone is awful and it makes for a bad experience.

I won't be saying anything else about the worst phone, but expect to hear more about what I'm doing with the Omnia in coming days.


Jun 3 2009

Windows Mobile 6.5 Emulators Now Available!

You can now download the Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK from Microsoft.



Jun 1 2009

When can we get the Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK?

Are you waiting for the Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK before developing your application for the marketplace?  There's no need to wait as most of the functionality is already available in the Windows Mobile SDK now.  The only thing you can't access with it are Widgets.  But according to Steve Bell of Microsoft this summer a Developer Resource Kit will be release to update the SDK. It will include guidance on writing widgets and accessing other WM6.5 features.

 via MSDN Marketplace Forums


May 17 2009

DirectDraw Capabilities for your Windows Mobile Device

I was evaluating the graphical capabilities od different Windows Mobile devices.  I got tired of inspecting the state of the DDSCAPS (Direct Draw Capabilities) structure in code so I put together a UI that would display the information for me.  This is all part of something else I am working on for another Windows Mobile article, but I thought I would go ahead and share the code. now.  If you are interested in the program it is attached to this blog posting.



May 14 2009

Mobile Code Camp ATL

The Mobile Camp Atlanta 2009 is an (un)conference event with people interested in the Windows Mobile, Google Android, Palm Pre and Blackberry.

On July 18th, this ad hoc event will be created organically by the participants in a BarCamp-style format. It will likely cover topics such as mobile app development, demos, game creation, strategies, technologies, techniques, mobile solutions, successes & failures and just about everything orbiting around the mobile universe.