Jan 3 2010

Just Registered for iPhone Development

Category: MobileJoel Ivory Johnson @ 11:22

I've finally decided to pay the 99 USD fee to join Apple's iPhone Developer Program. My day to day development at my job is based on Microsoft technologies. So I have to say that it's influenced a few of my expectations for a development environment. In looking at Windows Mobile development, Android development, and iPhone development I have to say that each is unlike the other.

For Android development if you hae one of the major operating systems (Windows, OS X, Linux) there's an Android development environment available for you for free. You can run your programs on an emulator if you don't have Android hardware or you can run your programs on your hardware at no cost.

For Windows Mobile development you are bound to using a Windows based machine for your development. Since Windows is my primary operating system this restriction is no restriction for me; given that Windows is my choice I can do Windows Mobile development on the operating system of my choice. A common complaint is that the development tools are expensive. But I've got an MSDN subscription (which includes the softwre needed for Windows Mobile development among other things) so I am already using these tools for my day to day occuption and the expense is invisible for me. When developing one can run their programs on an emulator or copy them to the Windows Mobile hardware that they own.

For those that can't afford to get Visual Studio one can still use the free .Net Compact Framework SDK to do Windows Mobile development without using Visual Studio.

The iPhone development cost didn't fit either one of these. As one may expect for iPhone development you are bound to using OS X. Ipicked up a Mac Mini on clearance for 399 USD so that was not a big expense. After hearing the iPhone SDK was free I remember being a little surprised when I found out you could only target the emulator without paying. After paying the 99 USD I was expecting to be able to immediatly begin copying my programs to my iPhone but it appears that I have to wait for my application (as in request, not program) to the iPhone Developer Program to be approved before I can start copying my programs to my phone. That's a bit more restrictive than I am used to seeing. Any one have any idea how long it takes for the application to be processed?