Feb 25 2010

Windows Graphic and UI APIs

Category: Mobile | XNAJoel Ivory Johnson @ 06:14

After having another conversation in which I was explaining some of the various graphic APIs available to Windows I ended up pulling some information out of my personal notes to make a list of the most populate Windows graphic APIs and their availability on Windows Phones. I gave the information to some one at MSMobiles.com and he has posted it on his site.

That being said, I think that's the third reference to MSMobiles I've made in the past month or two. As you may guess I am a regular reader of that site and listener of the podcast. I'm not quite sure if I would classify it as a pro Windows or anti-Windows site yet though :-). Calling itself the "Fox News of Microsoft Mobile News" I have to say it's an interesting site and the primary author is talented at wording things in a way to invoke reactions.

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